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410 to 209 Primer Muzzle Loading Adapter
www.gunadapters.com This adapter allows you to use your break action shotgun just like a muzzle loader. Uses 209 primer and for black powder or its equivalent (pyrodex). 50 grains to 60 grains max black powder.
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12 ratings
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Crowning 12 gauge to 9mm by short lane
Shows the crowning of short lanes pathfinder series adapter 12 gauge to 9mm adapter. You can find them at www.gunadapters.com
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Black Out - 12 gauge reloadable Black powder adapter.
This video shows the workings of Short Lane's Black out- Black powder adapter. This a must for todays hard to find ammo days that we live in. The 209 primers are easy to find and so is Black Powder.
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22 ratings
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Pathfinder - 12 gauge to 22 LR Chamber Adapter (Rabbit hunting)
This video effectively shows the use of Short Lane's adapters in a hunting condition. The Video shows a rabbit harvested with a 12 gauge to 22LR adapter Pathfinder Series found on www.gunadapters.com
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9 ratings
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Short Lane's Zombie Line, 12 gauge to 22LR chamber adapter.
Chris Cheng winner of Season four Top shot demonstrates Short Lane LLC 12 gauge to 22LR Zombie Line of gun adapters adapter.
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19 ratings
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Pumpkin Carving with a 12 gauge .mp4
12 gauge conversion to 45 colt by Short Lane LLC---www.gunadapter.com
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11 ratings
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Taurus Judge 410, 410 to .22LR conversion, Taurus Judge
This demonstrates the use of a 410 to .22 Lr chamber adapter. It's a great way to introduce new shooter's to the sport of shooting. This adapter pays for itself by allowing you to shoot .22LR out of a 410 Judge. Turn the judge you love to shoot into an affordable gun to shoot !
Views: 21572
38 ratings
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Shotgun adapter 12 gauge to 20 video.AVI
Shotgun adapter, Converts your break action 12 gauge to a 20 gauge shotgun. This video demonstates how to load a shotgun adapter, shows how accurate it is and how easy it is to unload. Visit us at www.gunadapters.com
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15 ratings
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