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Short Lane


Man vs Spider - Tactical Spider Slayer
Tactical way to deal with your Spider problems. Lienad 410 Derringer combined with Short Lanes 410 to 209 Muzzle Loading Adapter is a quick fix for arachnophobia! Thinking out of the box to Bring you the Products you NEED! Purchase one today at
Views: 1133
7 ratings
Time: 01:01 More in Sports

410 to 209 Primer Muzzle Loading Adapter
Black Powder out of your Shotgun?! Our 209 Muzzle Loading Adapters convert your average Break-Action shotgun to be used as a Muzzle Loader. To see more of what Short Lane had to offer Visit:
Views: 4534
15 ratings
Time: 03:31 More in Howto & Style

Crowning 12 gauge to 9mm - Pathfinder Series
This shows the crowning of Short Lanes Pathfinder Series 12 gauge to 9mm 8" Rifled Adapter. You can find them at
Views: 751
4 ratings
Time: 01:47 More in Education

Black Out - 12 gauge Reloadable Black Powder Adapter.
You can reload ammunition so why not one of our adapters?! This video shows the workings of Short Lane's Black Out - Black Powder Adapter. A easy way to custom load your shotgun to meet your needs. See everything Short Lane had to offer by Visiting:
Views: 5492
25 ratings
Time: 05:23 More in Howto & Style

Rabbit Hunting- 12 gauge to 22 LR Pathfinder Series
This video effectively shows the use of Short Lane's adapters in a hunting condition. The Video shows a rabbit harvested with a Pathfinder Series 12 gauge to 22LR 8" Rifled Adapter. To see more of what Short Lane has to offer visit:
Views: 5801
10 ratings
Time: 00:57 More in Howto & Style

Chris Cheng - 12 Gauge to 22LR Rifled Shotgun Adapter
Chris Cheng winner of Season four Top Shot demonstrates Short Lane Chamber Adapters Zombie Series 12 gauge to 22LR 3" Rifled Adapter! Take a look at all Short Lanes has to offer by Visiting:
Views: 18075
23 ratings
Time: 01:42 More in Howto & Style

Pumpkin Carving with a 12 Gauge
How can you make Halloween even more fun? Well grab yourself a shotgun & one of our adapters and see what you can carve! Pathfinder Series 12 gauge to 45 Colt 8" Rifled Adapter by Short Lane LLC was used in the making of this Jack O' Lantern! Come visit us at
Views: 1339
11 ratings
Time: 03:38 More in Howto & Style

Taurus Judge - 410 to .22LR conversion
This demonstrates the use of a 410 to .22 LR Chamber Adapter in a Taurus Judge. It's a great way to introduce new shooter's to the sport. Also a great way to increase the versatility of your Taurus Judge! Visit us at
Views: 22342
40 ratings
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Shotgun adapter 12 gauge to 20 video.AVI
Shotgun Adapter! Converts your break action 12 gauge Shotgun to a 20 gauge Shotgun. This video demonstrate how to load a shotgun adapter, how accurate it is, and how easy it is to unload. Visit us at
Views: 17063
17 ratings
Time: 01:55 More in People & Blogs