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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship internationally.

No, we do not do any international shipping.

How do you ship?

We ship USPS.

Will I receive shipping notifications and a tracking number?

Yes, you will receive an email notifying when your order has shipped as well as a USPS Tracking Number. 

How long will it take for me to receive my adapter?

Non Pre-ordered items typically ship within 1-2 Business days of your order being placed. Typically all orders over $250 are shipped Priority and take 2-3 business days to be delivered once shipped.  All orders under $250 are shipped First Class and can take 3-7 business days to be delivered once shipped.

Can I use these adapters in my Pump or Semi-Automatic?

No, our adapters are designed for break action double or single barrels Shotguns ONLY.  Our adapters will not cycle through pump or semi-automatic shotguns & because of their weight they can damage or break the extractor(s).

Do you do custom work?

No, we do not do any custom work. However, we do try to come out with new adapters as often as we can.

How much of your rifled adapters are actually rifled?

Rifling on our Rifled adapters start immediately after the chamber and then go the length of the adapter.

Why can’t you use Slugs or Round Ball in your 209 Muzzle Loading Adapters?

Due to the degree of variation in chokes and slug/round ball sizes we do not recommend using them with our 209 muzzle loading series. We recommend using shot & buckshot. However, some experienced blackpowder customers do choose to use roundball/slug. You are responsible for the safety of your load.

What is the difference in accuracy of your Scavenger, Zombie, Bug Out, & Pathfinder Series Adapters? 

The more rifling and longer the adapter the better the accuracy. Accuracy can vary depending on ammo being used (some ammo performs better then others), sights (open vs. red dot vs. scope), & shooters ability. With that being said this is what is typically expected. 

Our Scavenger Series is smooth bore & due to this we recommend it for close range. Starting off at 10 yards and then going out farther from there; many customers use these adapters from the range of 10-30 yards. You should expect 6-8” groupings and tumbling can occur.

Our Zombie Series is also recommended for close range, however, you will see no tumbling & a much tighter grouping of 1-2”. 

Our Bug Out Series should increase the range of the adapter by 20-30 yards. You can take down prey up to 30-50 yards

Our Pathfinder Series should increase the range of the adapter an additional 20-30 yards. With a scope mounted on an 12 Gauge H&R Slug Shotgun & our 12 Gauge to 22 LR 8” Rifled Pathfinder Series Adapter we have taken prairie dogs down at 90-100 yards.

Do I have to Buy the Rifled adapters for my Rifled Shotgun? Smooth Bore Adapters for my Smooth Bore Shotgun?

No, all of our adapters will work great in both smooth bore & rifled shotgun barrels.

Will these adapters work with a shotgun that has ejectors? Extractors?

Yes, our adapters will work with both ejectors & extractors.